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Jean-François REMAUX

Solution / The Gibbon Experience

In 2003, Jean-François Reumaux created Animo, a limited liability company authorized by the Laotian government to protect the forest cover of the Bokeo nature reserve. This led to the development of the Gibbon Experience in 2004. This ecotourism activity allows visitors to discover the forest and its biodiversity by moving from tree to tree, like the gibbons, on a 30-kilometre network of zip lines.

The cables are suspended more than forty feet up in the forest canopy, high among the branches of the rainforest where the gibbons live. The zip lines also connect the ten tree houses where visitors stay. In addition to protecting the forest and the gibbons, and planting approximately 100,000 trees per year, the Gibbon Experience employs about 100 Laotians from nearby villages. Most of them still make their living by farming, but the Gibbon Experience offers them stable supplemental income.