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Solution / Les Jardins de Cocagne

Founded by Jean-Guy Henckel in 1991, Les Jardins de Cocagne now include farms scattered throughout France. Their goal is to provide employment for the disadvantaged rural workforce, while providing healthy organic foods to the surrounding population. As a vehicle for spreading positive values concerning the environment and health, organic truck farming helps workers regain self-confidence and to harvest — literally — the fruits of their labours.

The success of Les Jardins de Cocagne is also due to the increasing enthusiasm of consumer-activists — or consum-actors — whose decision to buy directly from the farm is a socially responsible choice. Financed both by selling local products and with public monies, Les Jardins de Cocagne employ more than 3000 people who are re-entering the workforce and feed a network of about 15,000 families. In 2009, Jean-Guy Henckel’s team opened their 100th market garden.