Architects of change | TV Program | Reinventing that “Community Spirit”
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Patama Roonrakwit is an architect and community activist from Thailand. In 1991 she received her diploma from Silpakorn University in Bangkok before heading to Oxford Brookes University in England and graduating from the School of Architecture with a degree in Development Practices. Even though she was far away from her native country, Patama master’s project was entitled “A traditional based housing design for low-income people in Thailand”.

After finishing her studies, Patama Roonrakwit worked on various development projects and founded Community Architects for Shelter and Environment (CASE) in 1997. Through her numerous projects, her goal is to improve living condition for Thailand’s urban poor. Today, the Thai architect also gives conferences around the world. She was also the recipient of the Young Architect with Outstanding Work award from the Association of Siamese Architects.